Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let's get this first post of Varzea da Gonçala blog posted....

2013.  Has a GOOD ring to it - regardless of the winds of fortune, it is going to be a very positive year.

Tree planting is happening - 70 new trees, to add to the 100 already growing, to completely fill the lowland area: walnuts, almonds, plums, peaches, apricots, apples, pears, kaki, loquats (nespereiras).
Swales on the hills, with holm oak (quercus ilex) acorns, and a tree nursery of nitrogen-fixing drought-resistant trees ready to be iniciated in the spring, from many different seeds.

Cue a picture of our daughter Megan planting an acorn on a hillside swale:

    - symbolism or what!

It's been a good autumn and winter here. First - it rained, the soil has been soaked right down, and after the drought of last year and people predicting a second dry winter, it feels wonderful.
Our long-term gardeners and friends Greg and Izabela, left for UK at the new year, but now we have arrived a young enthusiastic and great couple, Gustaf and Jade (Swedish/French) and the fertile raises beds are filling up again.

That will do for now,  I hope I can make a picture of what's going on here at the Varzea through this blog - have a look often, it should be fun.    More to follow very soon.

Life is sweet,   Chris.

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