Wednesday, April 28, 2021

wild pigs run riot, flowers go bananas

A touch over 2 weeks.  Tempus fugit...

April showers have been quite regular this week....

I have a personal theory of time getting faster as you get older, which is that the subjective time is based on the Fibonacci sequence, which gives rise the the golden ratio and multifarious forms in nature.  For those unfamiliar, starting with 1 plus 1 = 2, you then proceed to add the previous number to the new number, so 1+2 = 3, then 3 +2 =5, then 5 +3 = 8, 8+5=13, and so on. 

So the sequence goes: 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144.... and it is my contention that the apparent time between these ages in our lives is about the same - the subjective time between ages 8 and 13, for example, is the same as that between 34 and 55, or between 13 and 21, etc.  Think about it and see what you reckon.

sorrel/oxalis (oxalis pes-caprei)
What's that got to do with life of a smallholding??  Not a lot, but time is a recurring theme in my story here, especially in the context of how little the present, very blinkered, world understands its process. Seventh generation? 6 months is more accurate.

Pigs and flowers eh?  Well, among other things in this active season - the wild pigs are a great many this year, and they love to dig up the storage organs of the invasive sorrel which is bad for the land because it can dominate a big area and smother all other ground-plants, and in May its disappears underground for the dry season, leaving bare ground, the land's worst enemy, in summer.

The wild pigs, or javali, love these tasty root-storages, and have been very active this month.  Here is an area of my "high beds"......The pigs' work is not all bad - I use the exposed earth for planting summer sudan-grass, though the trees roots are messed with.  We work with the natural systems, of which the javali are a big part.

my baby neem tree
April is a time of flowers...

.... and nesperas - fruits in great numbers (I could say "abundance", but I hate this word almost as much as "wellness" or "manifesting")  Anyway, there are lots of them.  About 40 trees, some grafted, some not, not so big, but, as trees tend to do, getting bigger every year.  Amazing thing, time.

nesperas (eryobotria jabponica) delicious

... for what we do with this plenty, you'll have to wait for the next blog.  

Doing stuff..   Edu's making and renovating tables...... 
while Kiara's making steps to her new garden..

Short and snappy, I said, so that'll do.
Até brêve...

Ps  Next issue will be a May garden special!  Stay tuned....


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