Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Autumn Equinox edition!

The sun will cross the equator at 20.44 on the 22nd September.  The almanac says this is "the time to relax and enjoy life to its fullest".

Speaking of etherial connections, well I think there is some sort of connection anyway - we have a new tipi - and it's white!

..beautiful, eh?

Strange - I thought they were grey-black! - the old one was 6 years old and wasn't looked after until it was too late - now we know better and this one should last10 to 15 years.

Created and sewed by our French friend Shant, and put up by Miguel, our neighbour and old friend, with great monkey-skills, 

.... with me providing the poles, with help from Damon...

It's a fine thing - this weekend a party to to inaugurate, with music of drums and didgeridoo and hopefully Shant's partner Franco, with crazy Flamenco guitar.  Then in a couple of weeks the little school moves in for their Thursday tipi and Várzea day.

Nice atmosphere at the Várzea these days - our present small group is in an harmonious rhythm. Damon and Karen left, and for the last week and a half we have had Anne from Germany, giving much-welcomed female energy...

Now she too is continuing on on her life-journey: One of the best things about this blog is that we get to remember the whole variety of people who pass through here and leave their individual mark on the place, and also its energy.    And meanwhile, I'm keeping up my unicycle practice....

with my aim to be juggling 3 clubs whilst cycling by Christmas. -  ok I did say by my birthday, but that was a month ago, so clearly the goalposts needed moving...

It rained a couple of days ago - then it got warm and sunny again - so not autumn yet, and the events that get our Cerca river flowing again and the new grass sprouting may still be a while away.  But there is always water in the beautiful "nibble-fish" pool, just 200m up the river -

...and this is the view down-river from the pool, late August...

Figs are in abundance, drying under way, and grapes nearly ready for Várzea vintage '13 vinho.

By the way, as an all-new development, we are running our first (of many) Yoga and Holistic Nutrition weeks in October (12th to 20th) - see page on the website - still places available!

And my statistics tell me that the blog had no page-views from Estonia last month - not one! Fans are so fickle these days.  Kaya, you must be out there somewhere?!

Relax,enjoy life to the fullest!   Happy equinox from all at the Várzea.

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