Friday, April 19, 2013

Hi from the Varzea - I apologise for having been so long since posting the last blog. I'm not being lazy, I promise - we've been busy, dammit!

Anyway...  since last time we've had our PDC - that's "permaculture design course" for the cool people who haven't heard of such shananegans.  Good fun, full-on, lots of partying and good exchange of thinkings - a pleasure and privilege, but lovely to be "tranquilo" again after....

But to backtrack a few weeks.... this one's for Onyx, who really wanted to see the out-door chess-board before he left...

Jade finally received her organic and heirloom seeds and had been non-stop planting and transplanting in the vegetable garden, which is now producing more of our food every week - favas and leeks have come on stream this last fortnight, and many more coming.

Almost all the new and young trees are in leaf, and the first nesperas (loquats) are just ready - the first soft fruits of the year - peaches will be next!

Just to update, the little terraces we were digging on the previous blog have been advancing up the channel..

... and greening... looks pretty, eh?    See, if you want to know, a simple drainage ditch has been turned into a free-draining fertile terrace system which next year will be planted with seedling trees easy..       The water still drains freely at the base of the terraces, but, by putting dead cut branches and rakings into the ditch, and covering with clayey soil from the sides of the ditch, we have easily created a system of free-draining beds, building humus, with moisture at the base which will persist well into the summer dry season.  A nice example of permaculture in action - totally functional, you see - not a hippy value in sight!

Sean left us, and now Gustaf, but Jade is having a break and is coming back at the end of the month. Here's a nice day-of-departure pic. of Sean, with Kris and myself...

There's more - pics and stuff about the PDC - well, a photo or 2, and we wait to see if a group from the Philippines (!) are coming - visas have been refused but they are appealing... and there is more. but it's been too long since I blogged, and more will follow soon.

Enjoy the spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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